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Football betting strategies and algorithms for winning in football betting and more news about studio betting team

Betfair Trading Strategies

Betfair is a innovative and different way fo betting where you can make nice money , there you can be a normal bettor or a bookmaker and to [...]

Main strategies for managing your money

1.Progressive strategies – permanently increasing of the bets after loses until you make win . The most popular strategy from this cat [...]

Over 1.0 first half goals strategy

Hello professional bettors ! In this article as always we are going to show you one nice betting strategy based on goals scored on the first [...]

Tennis strong players to break opponents games strategy

We are going to present you a nice tennis betting strategy chained with martingale system.Let begin to explain the system tennis strategy th [...]

Asian corners live betting strategy

In this post we are going to present you another simple live betting strategy with using flat betting system and 5% stake of your bankroll o [...]

One winning football betting strategy

We want to present you a very simple strategy for football betting,where you can bring nice money if you have discipline of your bets. Syste [...]
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