Welcome to Studio Betting!

We are team of professional tipsters working on this lifetime and earning our money only with betting on sports. Our team have all the knowledge about football and other sports to make successful betting predictions and inverting them in nice money.

If you believe in our abilities and results you can easily make enough money, it is guaranteed! Invest money in our studio betting team and you will be happy every day!

Below are the betting strategies that we suggest you to use for secure profit:

1) Flat betting - Flat betting is most elementary strategy for using but may be the most secure and profitable if you have good knowledges.In this strategy you use equal stake of betting every time you bet and according to your strike rate is determined your monthly profit.In this system is preferable to have more bets during one month with odds higher than 1.80. If you can make 55% + winning bets you will make nice money in a long term using this strategy

2) Martingale system - In popular Martinglae system you just bet on odd 2.00 and if you lose your bet next bet is multiplies x 2,for example bet 10 if it lose,next bet is 20 and etc. When you win,you begin again with 10,please be careful using this system that you have enough bankroll for at least 5 or 6 steps if you have a losing streak.

3) Over 0,5 goals 2nd half - You bet over 0,5 goals for the second half in live betting,and also use big martingale x3 after a lost bet

You wait for some game to have a goal in the 2nd half and the odd to become 1.50 in the 55-60 minutes and bet it,after lost match you bet it x 3,for example bet with 5 and if a match lose,next bet is 15 and etc.This strategy is very preferable for serious bettors with big bankroll.