Basketball Tips

basketBasketball tips is a section of our site Studio Betting and it is same like our VIP Singles section and Tennis tips section ,but here the predictions are made every day from our professional basketball betting tipster with over 8 years basketball predictions experience .

Every day you can receive 3 basketball tips with nice odds and the purpose is from 3 matches to be winning on at least 2 and of course all the tips from the day. When we have 0 or 1 Won tips our  betting advice that we tell to all our customers is the next day to increase a little bit the stake and this way the loss will be cover and clear and steady profit will be made immediately , for example you bet today 3 x 100 euros per bet and only 1 is winning , next day you must bet 150 or 200 per match according to your bankroll. That is the way of betting that we recommend, and also recommend long term betting on basketball because we have good and bad series but if you are discipline and follow our tips you will be winning a steady profit very single month .

For more questions about basketball betting tips and bank management just write us on  KIRCHEV1988@ABV.BG

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