One winning football betting strategy

We want to present you a very simple strategy for football betting,where you can bring nice money if you have discipline of your bets.

System is based on the strong favourites of the majority European leagues. Every year all strong favourites make big transfers spent a lot of money to improve their teams,because thy have many fans in the world and their purpose is only to win the league.What does means? This means that the strong teams won bigger part of their matches every year and we have to use this.But how?

Lets give you some example of what we are trying to tell you.Match is Chelsea – Hull,and Chelsea is the stronger team here and it is obviously that they will make a lot of attacks and may be they will win and score more goals.But the odd for win of Chelsea is 1,16 ,it is no worth odd and we do not need such odds because they will bring our bankrupt in a long term. We just look at the markets for 1st Chelsea goal before,for example,60th minutes and see that the odd is also smaller but think that Chelsea will score before 60th minutes and begin to wait until the odd becomes 2,00 and you bet it if there is no Chelsea goal.In most of the times you will see that this bet will be winning. You can bet before 40 or before 70 and etc,according to the odd,it must be 2,00. Stake per bet is flat betting( equal stake every time) and percent of the betting bank per bet is 5% every time. That is all ! The idea of this strategy is that every fotball year the strong favourite teams will be trying to win all matches,and even they can not win they will at least score a goal which will bring us nice money.

In this strategy need every tim 2,00 odd and when,for example, we have 6 WON and 4 LOSES ,this means that we would make 2 clear wons = 2 x ( your stake),which with serious bank will bring us good sum. Do not be angry if you lose some bets,it is normal,this is strategy for a long term and based only and only on strong favourites in the majority European leagues,Wish you luck