Main strategies for managing your money

1.Progressive strategies – permanently increasing of the bets after loses until you make win .

The most popular strategy from this category is Martingale – after a lost bet next bet is with double stake until you make a win bet and begin again .Such strategies are the worst in the betting,because they 100% make you a bankrupt in a long term betting .It is 100% because every time you can make a long losing series which will steal your money.

2. Bet with exact percent of your bankroll – every bet is a fixed percent of your current bank

For example , start with 1000 euros and determine that your percent is 2%,this measn that every time you bet 2% of your current bankroll. First bet with this example will be 20 euros ,and after that according to that if you lose or win your bets you calculate 2% of your bank to your next bet .In this strategy the bankrupt is far away . This is good money management and it is one of the most often used strategies from the professional bettors .

3.Fixed stake – bet an equal stake every time

Exmaple you have bank 1000 euros and every time no matter you win or lose bet the smae sum,in our case 20 euros .Here with average odd 2.00 and winning strike rate 55-60% of your bets in a long term you can make nice income.

All the professional punters use 2nd and 3rd strategy and they have advantages and disadvantages. For beginners in the betting it is ithe best to start with strategy No:2 . And do not forget that for checking this system you can make at least 1000 bets and after that to calulate if this strategy is working for you or not.Success