Lay Bets

betfair lay betsLay bet is bet against some sport event.For example you think that Inter and Juventus game will not end in a DRAW and this means you lay the DRAW for example on 3.30 odd and asking backer`stake of 10 euros.What this means? You want to earn 10 euros and risk 10 x 3,30 - backer`s stake,this means you risk 23 euros in this lay bet.If the match end with a win for Inter or Juventus you will take 10 euros.

betfairThis is only one of the exmaples of lay betting in the markets of Betfair. Other available markets are lay correct score where you can bet against some of the correct scores and to make good and easy money. And the new market is lay multiple where you can lay whole combo with matches,it is amazing according to our Studio Betting Team.

Here on this page you will be able to get every day our lay bets and to make money using

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