Betfair Trading Strategies

betfair 1Betfair is a innovative and different way fo betting where you can make nice money , there you can be a normal bettor or a bookmaker and to receive people bets , there is no limit of the bet amounts because all the money in betfair trading are people`s money,betfair are only the platform and get 5 to 7,5 % commissions of your winning bets . This betfair platform is like a normal trading but here you trade with the football odds which are more logical than the other company indexes . In the platform you can make nice income daily using different prooved methods of trading with backing and laying bets .

Some of the famous strategies suitable for beginners but also used by some professional traders nowadays also:

Lay and Back on Tennis:

The lay and back strategy in tennis is simple and easy to be traded. We know that sometimes the favourite tennis players start the match with no 100% motivation and mak mistakes from the beginning, such matches we lay the favourite player ( not to win ) at 1.30 odd for example,asking for 100 euros profit our liability will be 30 euros ( we have to pay 30 euros) and if the match starts good for us and bad for the favourite player we expect the odd to become for example 1,50 odd,this moment we hit the back button at 1,50 odd with 100 euros stake ( the same stake like the lay bet) and we close the trade with profit,here the proposals of closing the trade are two –  to close the trade with equal profit – 10 euros if the favourite player lose or 10 euros if the favourite player wins,this means no matter how the match will end you take 10.00 euros, the second proposal is 2o euros ( the difference from 1,30 to 1,50 is 20 euros with stakes of 100 euros) to be put only for the favourite players and 0.00 for the weaker player,this means if the weaker player wins you just back your money with no profit and no lose, and if the favourite player wins you take 20,00 euros in your betfair account . This is simple strategy with low liability but you have to feel when a favourite player will start with mistakes the match.Success

Football Lay Correct Score :

Another simple method of trading with really low chance of losing . Here we just choose some correct score that think will not happen in the match and lay it,for example,  Manchester United – Aston Villa   lay correct score 0-2  for Aston Villa the lay odd is 39.00 and you want to make 10.00 euros and the liability is 380.00 euros. Place the lay bet before the match and after the first 15 minutes if Manchester United score a goals you take the full 100% of the 10.00 euros that you want because can not happen the result to be 0-2 because of the United`s goal,or if the results is 0-0 the back odd will be higher and you can make a back bet ( such amount to close the  trade in a profit) and tlo close the trade in a profit on 15th minute of the match no matter how the match will end. Simple soccer trading strategy,you just should havev some nice football knowledges to know which correct score percentage to happen is lower according to the teams . Here if you have enough bankroll,discipline and be patient you cna make nice money monthly .

Lay Multiples :

With the first two trading strategies you understand the algorithm of most of the strategies and what we want is to exit from the trades as soon as possible .In the Lay Multiples strategies is also very interesting and mosto f the people say that this is the best and secure way for making money in betfair. For example,you go to the multiples menu and choose 2 matches with clar favourite team, hit back on the win of the weaker team and repeat this on the second match, select these two matches in a multiple and see that the odd,for example is 8.00  x 7.00 = 56.00 odd, hit the button lay multiple and write the stakes of hte backer ( money that you want) – 10.00 euros and see that your liability is 550.00 euros if the weakers teams wins in this matches. With this strategy it is very different ot lose because the only one time that you will los here is the two matches to end with wins for the weakers team,in all other outcomes you make a profit 10.00 euros. Really very nice lay multiples method,here you just bigger bankroll .

These are the best betfair trading strategies according to our team, there are also other algorithms that you can find and feel comfortable with them. The last thing that we have to tell yoiu is that if you are not good with fast calculations in real time,in betfair there is a options CASH OUT which means if you hit this button it is written how much money – minus or plus you can exit from the match.

Hope to help you really with trading in betfair with this article,and if you have some questions or want to tell us some secrets about betfair and want ot add something about betfair algorithms feel free to contact us