Over 1.0 first half goals strategy

Hello professional bettors ! In this article as always we are going to show you one nice betting strategy based on goals scored on the first half . The strategy is simple and need discipline and patience and enough bankroll to be calm that you are far away from bankrupt as you know . The strategy is based on first half goals and we will use first half asian goals . Let show you the exact procedure of finding suitable matches and bet on it.First we have to go on some sites for statistics and search for matches with big probability of over 2,5 goals in the match and if it is available with more goals scored in the first half.We will use the Over 1.0 asian goals first half,this means that if one goal is scored during the first half you just back your money but not winning . We choose the right game according to the statistics and wait for 20-24 minutes of the first half to pass and if no goal is scored we are going to bet Over 1,0 goals on odd between 3,50-5.50 odd (according to the match and expectations the odds are different as you will see) .If one goal is scored you back your money,if 2 or more goals are scored until the end of the first half you win the bet on incredibly high odd ( average 4,00) .A lot of people will tell that 2 goals are more for one half but with the practice you will see that many games bring us money if you are patient and choose the right matches . Recommend to use flat betting with small stakes and in a long term you will make money because of the higher odds of this bets. Be ready that most of the games will have exactly 1 goal scored, few games will have 0 goals and few games will have 2+ goals and will bring us money,which is the purpose of this strategy. It is good to read this article but it is better try to choose alone games and try to be them with small stakes,and hope that you will find the best criteria to make steady money with this strategy ! Wish luck to everybody that will give a try . Success guys !